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How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th

By Proud Skill

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How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th : Friends, If you pass 12th class then which course can you do, after which you can make your career in which field. In which your career is good and you get good job. So today we will tell you another similar information which is very important for you to know and in this you can make a very good career. Because in today’s time, everyone thinks that, we should get a good job and there should be good salary along with good job. Today we will tell you about such a course in this article, by which you can make a good career. Today we will tell you in this post – How to become an air hostess after 12th.

You can do an air hostess course and by becoming an air hostess, you can get a good job with a good salary and make a career in it. What do you have to do to become an air hostess? Which studies do you have to do? What are the things you have to keep in mind in this? In how many days its course is completed. How many types of courses are there in it? We will tell you about all these in detail below. Because to become an air hostess, you have to take care of many things. Air hostess jobs are different from all other types of jobs. What are the things in this that you have to keep in mind – to know this, read the article till the end.

How to become an air hostess after 12th

How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th

There are many girls who dream of becoming an air hostess but due to lack of proper guidelines and information they are not able to fulfill this dream. There are also many such boys who want to make their career in this field, but the question comes in their mind whether boys can also become air hostess or is it only for this.

Air hostess is a career that often attracts young girls. Although the word ‘Air Hostess’ is used especially for girls, if you are a boy then you are called ‘Steward’. Air Hostess and Steward are also known as Cabin Crew and Flight Attendant.

When the plan flies, there are many types of responsibilities on the air hostess. All the passengers who come in the flight have to be greeted. Keeping in mind the safety of the plan, the passengers have to guide the safety related in addition to the seat belt.

It is very important to have patience in whatever women do this job. Many types of passengers come in the plan, it is the job of the air hostess to make them feel comfortable, solve their complaints and handle them with great patience.

If the air hostess works properly, then she also gets promoted. First there is promotion to the post of Senior Flight Attendant and then to the post of Head Attendant. Talking about the duration of air hostess jobs, they are on an average of 8 to 10 years. However, after that they are given the ground work. Apart from training the new air hostess, management level jobs are given.

Who is an Air Hostess

If you traveled on an airplane or you must have seen someone that when you travel by plane to any other place, then along with other passengers in the plane, you see some people who are people’s people. assist. They are called Air Hostess. They have a special dress, from which they can be easily recognized. Although there is a difference between the dress of air hostess in different countries. The Air Hostess explains the emergency and safety procedures of the plane to the passenger sitting on the plane. She helps the passengers to overcome any problems related to the plane. Air Hostess helps a lot for the passengers who travel in the plane for the first time so that they do not face any problem.

An air hostess or flight attendant or cabin crew is a member usually appointed by an airline responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on airline aircraft, commercial aircraft, industry jet aircraft, or military aircraft. Before understanding how to become an air hostess, it is very important to understand their work and their responsibilities.

Do you also want to know how to become an air hostess, then you have come to the right place, here you will get complete information about how to become an air hostess, that too step-by-step.

What is the job of an air hostess?

The job of an air hostess is not as easy as it seems, in fact, there are many responsibilities in the plane.

1. Ensuring the convenience and safety of passengers

Generally you must have seen air hostess catering to the food and drink needs of the passengers. But her work is not limited to this only, she also takes care of the needs of sick passengers. Apart from this, before any flight, they have to inspect the emergency and security managers to ensure the safety of the aircraft and the passengers in the aircraft.

2. Assisting Passengers to Disembark

During the journey, when the aircraft starts coming at a low altitude, the air hostess ensures that the loose objects and waste in the aircraft are removed in a safe manner so that no inconvenience is caused to the passengers. After this, when the plane lands, the air hostess also helps the passengers to unload their luggage and get them off the plane.

3. heck aircraft before and after flight

Air hostess checks all safety equipment before take-off of the aircraft and makes sure that all equipment is working properly. At the same time, even after the flight, she inspects the aircraft, in which she checks whether the luggage of all the passengers has been removed or not. Also whether the traveling seat used by the passengers is arranged or not. In addition, the air hostess also does minor cleaning inside the aircraft.

• You have to have a preflight briefing with the pilots to discuss cabin conditions and flight details.
• Pre-inspect emergency equipment.
• Demonstrate the use of safety equipment and emergency equipment to passengers.
• Ensuring whether the passengers are properly seatbelt or not, if not, then helping them.
• To serve drinks, food or snacks or to take care of the needs of passengers.
• Reassure passengers during flight, when there is turbulence in the aircraft.
• Administering and coordinating emergency medical care as needed.

Along with this, sometimes you also have to deal with such passengers who create trouble as you know not all people are the same. Over there you should use your patience to remain calm, and handle the passenger politely.

How to become an air hostess?

The detailed information about the process of becoming an air hostess is mentioned below:

• Do Air Hostess Training Course from a recognized Cabin Crew Training Institute.
• Do a thorough research on the airline you are interested to work for and get a good idea of ​​their destinations.
• Go through the career page on the airline’s website and understand their recruitment process and eligibility.
• Make sure your passport is up to date and has an expiry date of at least 12 months.
• Make sure that your visa is not restricted in any country.
• You can get preference if you have minimum 2 years experience in customer service related work.
• You should know where to apply. Also keep other options open for you.
• If an airline calls you after seeing your application, then you will have to go to the designated place for interview and group discussion.
• Apart from this, your drug and background check will also be done.
• If successful in the interview, you will get admission in your preferred training institute.

What are the qualifications required to become an air hostess?

To make a career in any field, the first question that comes is that after all, how much should I be educated and what is the qualification required. Similarly, if you are thinking to become an air hostess, then the question in your mind will also be that how much should I study to become an air hostess?

Education Qualification for Air Hostess

Air Hostess is one of those career options which gives you a chance after passing 12th standard. To make their future, even some airlines give a chance to the 10th class passed students to become air hostess. But it would be better if you have passed at least 12th class, only then take your step towards becoming an air hostess.

To become an air hostess, you must have passed 12th standard. Another question regarding your education would be that to become an Air Hostess, from which site (Arts / Commerce / Science) should I do 12th class?

To fill the application form of Flight Attendant, you only need to have passed 12th class as I told earlier, it does not matter from which subjects you have passed class 12th. If you are a college graduate then you will get more preference. Most airlines prefer graduates as flight attendants. You can do graduation from any subject.

Apart from education, there are many things in this profession that matter a lot in deciding whether you are eligible to become an Air Hostess or…. Otherwise, let us know all these important things one by one.

Age Limit for Air Hostess (minimum 18 years)

The age limit usually depends on the policy of the airline you are applying for. Generally airlines prefer candidates in the age group of 18 years to 27 years.

Height Require for Air Hostess

Your height should be such that you are able to stand on your toes and reach behind the overhead bin. If you talk about numbers, then the candidate should be at least 155 cm tall, while if you are a male then your height should be at least 165 cm.

Weight Require for Air Hostess

Although there is no specified weight given by the airlines or institute, but your weight should be in proportion to your height. Basically, you should be healthy and fit.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) of women should be 18 to 22, while the BMI of men should be from 18 to 25.

Medical Condition for Air Hostess

A candidate must be mentally or physically fit. If you are suffering from any mental illness or some major illness then sorry your dream of becoming Air Hostess will not be fulfilled.

Vision Condition for Air Hostess

You must have at least 6/9 vision. If you use contact lens then no problem it is acceptable.

Marital Status for Air Hostess

Marital status also depends on the airline’s policy. Although they prefer unmarried girls, some institutions allow married women as well. But it would be better if you are unmarried.

Strength Quality for Air Hostess

You must have the ability to push about 90kg of service cart or similar, to be able to lift small luggage, etc. into an overhead bin.

Swimming Performance for Air Hostess

A Flight Attendant/ Cabin Crew is required to be able to swim, although you are not actually taken a swimming test, but at the time of the interview you are asked whether you know swimming or not. The purpose of asking this question was to know whether the candidate has water phobia or water sickness.

It is not mandatory in Domestic Airlines, whereas if you are applying for International Airline then you must be able to swim in it. Some airlines also take your swimming test, in which you have to cover a distance of about 25 meters. That’s why it is better that you learn swimming.

The process of becoming an air hostess is done

To become an Air Hostess/ Flight Attendant/ Steward/ Cabin Crew, you have to go through the Recruitment Process. Which is conducted by the airlines to select the right applicants. An airlines company examines all the documents inside the applicants which I have mentioned above.

Although it is not mandatory for you to take admission in any course to become an air hostess, you can apply to become an air hostess in direct airlines companies without any course. If you are 12th class pass then as I already told. But this thing seems a bit impossible in today’s time that you can become an air hostess just by passing 12th class and with good communication skills. This thing would have been absolutely correct a few years ago today.

You also know that nowadays the competition has become very high in every single career. So it would be better if you take admission in any institute or academy after 12th class. However, if you are quite confident that I will pass the recruitment process of Air Hostess without joining any course, then of course you must try (Best of Luck for the Interview!).

So let’s know the recruitment process of Air Hostess [Step-by-Step]

Step-1 Interview

The first round will be your general HR Interview which is of 2 to 3 minutes.

Step-2 Grooming

The second phase will be of Grooming round, in which your Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), Teeth, Skin, Tattoo, etc. will be seen.

Step-3 Group Discussion

In this stage, you will be placed in the middle of a group of people who have come to become air hostess like you and any one random topic will be given on which you will have to tell your point of view. in|

Step-4 Sr. HR Interview

Here you will have a one-to-one interview as you had given in the first step [step 1], the difference is that here your interview is taken by Senior HR or a senior person of the airlines company, either it can happen that Both can interview you, it depends on which airlines you are going to interview.

This is an interview of 10 to 20 minutes, in which you will be asked more questions as compared to the interview with (Step1).

Step-5 Medical Test

In this phase there will be a medical test in which you will have Eye test, Hearing ability test, ECG, blood test etc.

Step-6 Joining Letter

After clearing the interview and medical test, you will get the joining letter in which you will be told that when your Air Hostess training is starting, it is not necessary that your training will start immediately, it may be from around 2 Take 3 months

Step-7 Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew/ Flight Attendant Training

Your training is about 3 to 4 months, in which you are told all these things like: About Aircraft, grooming, English, service, safety, medical emergency, evacuation, first aid, etc.

Step-8 Exam

After completion of training you will have to give an exam which you have to pass otherwise you will be fired from that airline and then you will have to start again from step 1.

Step-9 Air Hostess

After passing the exam, you will be sent to the flight as an intern, there you will work under the supervision of your senior air hostess and after completing some minimum flying hours you will become an Air Hostess. CONGRATULATIONS.

Which Skills are Necessary to Become an Air Hostess

To become an air hostess mere general qualification like academic, physical or medical is not enough. Apart from these qualifications, it is very important to have some behavioral skills, it tells about your personality and plays a very important role in your dream of becoming a flight attendant.

These are some of the following qualities which should be in every student who wants to become an Air Hostess.

1. Pleasing Personality:

Along with looking good, it is very important to have a sweet and pleasant voice. An air hostess should have a friendly or sociable behavior with passengers.

2. Positive attitude and helping nature:

An air hostess should have a positive attitude and should be ready to do all the assigned tasks.

Capable of working long hours: Flight delays are very common due to bad weather or technical reasons, so you may have to work extra 3 to 4 hours.

3. Communication Skills:

I hope you also know this beforehand that it is very important to have your communication in this profession.

You must be able to communicate with passengers and know how to handle passengers on board. Speaking, writing, listening, etiquette, body language, etc. are all part of communication skills.

4. Multitasking:

Sometimes you can get many responsibilities inside the plane so it is important for you to be multitasking.

So far, we have only known that to become an Air Hostess, what are the things you must have (Education, Skills and Other Eligibility Criteria)

5. Presence of mind and quick thinking:

This skill is very useful during emergency in flight and every airlines take it seriously. In the event of an emergency landing or any other incident, an air hostess must be able to handle the passengers on board without worrying too much.

6. Team Work:

The air hostess should be a team player. Usually a cabin crew consists of more than 12 – 14 members and you will have to work closely with all those flight attendants.

How to apply in any airline to become an Air Hostess?

So far through this article, you have come to know all the things which were very important to know to become an Air Hostess. But till now we do not know how to apply in any airline company to become Air Hostess / Cabin Crew / Steward or Flight Attendant.

You have two ways to apply You can apply to become Air Hostess/ Cabin Crew/ Steward or Flight Attendant in any airline company using both the methods.

• The first way is that you go directly to the official website of the airline you want to apply, which you will get by typing in Google. After going there, you go to the “Career” section of that airline, there you will get to see all the job openings of that airline.
• If there is a vacancy of Air Hostess there then that will also be visible. And after that you can register your name to become air hostess by following simple instructions.
• The second way is that you go to a job portal such as Naukri.com. And after going there, type “Air Hostess” or “Flight Attendant” in the search box and then search.
• On searching, you will see all the airlines that require Air Hostess, after which you can apply by selecting your favorite airline or offer.
• After applying, the airline company will see your Bio Data / Resume. If according to them, you are a right candidate to become an Air Hostess in their airline, then she will call you for the interview, whose complete process I have already told you above in this article.

Note: If you are looking for job openings by visiting Job Portals, then take special care that you do not fall into the trap of any Consultancy who ask for money and in return take a guarantee to make you an Air Hostess in any Airline. Please avoid these, do not give money to anyone. You must keep this thing in mind that whenever you become an Air Hostess, it will be built on your own strength.

Top Recruiter for Air Hostess

Some of the well-known and well-known recruiters for Air Hostess are mentioned below:

• SpiceJet
• IndiGo
• Lufthansa
• Virgin Atlantic
• Air India
• Air Asia
• Vistara
• GoAir
• Emirates Airlines
• Qatar Airways
• British Airways
• Cathay Pacific

Entrance Exam to become Air Hostess

Some of the top colleges and universities in India conduct entrance exams for air hostess training courses.

• AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance Examination)
• NCHMCT JEE (National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Examination)
• AEEE (The Amrita Engineering Entrance Examination)

At the same time, some private institutions in India give admission only on the basis of the 12th result of the candidate.

Which course should I take to become an air hostess?

For a girl to become an Air Hostess, she has to take a course first. Which air hostess course you can do depends on your education qualification. There are 3 types of Air Hostess Course.

1. Certificate Courses:

The duration of this course is very short. Certificate course can be done by those girls who have passed 12th class. It takes 6 months to 1 year to complete it. However, fast track certificate courses are also completed in 3 months.

• Air Hostess Management
• Air Hostess Training
• Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant
• Airlines Hospitality
• Aviation Management and Hospitality

2. Diploma Courses:

To take admission in Diploma Courses, you must have passed 12th. If one wants to do PG Diploma course, then it is necessary to complete graduation first.

• Diploma in Air Hostess Training
• Diploma in Cabin Crew or Flight Attendant Training
• Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
• Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management
• PGDM in Aviation and Hospitality Services
• PGDM in Airport Ground Services
• PGDM in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Customer Service

3. Degree Courses :

Degree course is the most important and of the highest standard among all the courses of air hostess. The duration to complete this course is full 3 years and you must have completed 12th before enrolling in it.

• BBA in Aviation
• B.Sc. in Air Hostess Training
• Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
• Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management
• BBA in Airport Management
• MBA in Aviation
• BSc Aviation
• MBA in Aviation Management

Note: If you ask us which Air Hostess Course we should do, then we will advise you to do Degree Course.

Top Air Hostess Training Institutes in India

Given below is the list of Best Air Hostess Training Institutes in India. These training institutes groom candidates and make them job-ready to get employment in world-class airlines for cabin crew and ground staff job profiles.

1. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training — Multiple Locations(Bangalore, Goa, Gujarat, Delhi e.t.c)
2. Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation (Mumbai)
3. Universal Aviation Academy (Chennai)
4. Jet Airways Training Academy (Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata)
5. Indigo Training Centre (Gurugram)
6. Air Hostess Academy (Bangalore)
7. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics (Nagpur)
8. Institute for Personality Etiquette and Grooming (Chennai)
9. Center for Civil Aviation Training (New Delhi)

Salary of Air Hostess

• The salary of an air hostess depends on which airline company she is working with.
• Usually a company pays its air hostess around Rs 20,000 to Rs 80,000 per month.
• However, some great international airlines pay their air hostesses anywhere between Rs 100,000 to Rs 200,000 per month.
• Apart from this, companies also provide you with additional allowances like medical insurance, retirement plan and discount on flight tickets.

To become an Air Hostess Avoid these things

• If you are fond of tattoo then there is bad news for you. It is a clear instruction by the airlines that if the applicant has any kind of tattoo or piercing on the body (visible part of the body) then he will not be considered eligible for air hostess.
• If you have a tattoo on your body but it hides after wearing an Air Hostess dress, meaning it is not visible then there is no problem. However, you should also keep in mind that the dress of every airline is different.
• If you are suffering from night blindness or color blindness then you will not be able to become an Air Hostess.
• If you have more pimple on your face and the scars are more deep which do not hide even after makeup, then you will be rejected at the time of interview.

Our Opinion

Thank you all for reading this post. In our today’s article, I have provided detailed information about – (How to Become an Air Hostess after 12th) the life and we hope that this important article presented by us has proved to be very useful for you and you will be able to understand this article easily. If you like the post, please comment and share your opinion with your loved ones.

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